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Post-Installation Setup

General Settings

Your first post-installation steps should head into Settings / General. Time Zone, Date Format and Time Format settings will be used to display date info for all post types.

Permalinks Settings

Now head to Settings / Permalinks and change Common Settings to Post name. You can also change URL slugs for all LSVR custom post types and their taxonomies below if needed.

Front Page / Blog Page

Head to Settings / Reading, set Front page displays option to A static page and choose which pages should be used as your Front page and Posts page. More info.

Managing Menus

If you already have some pages / posts on your site (for example via importing demo content), you should check out Appearance / Menus to manage your site’s menus.

Media Settings

Head to Settings / Media and change the settings to the following values:

  • Thumbnail size300×300 (crop enabled)
  • Medium size700×700
  • Large size1024×1024

If you already have some images on your site, use a 3rd party plugin to regenerate new image sizes based on the settings above.


If your site is running in a language other than English, you should check out Appearance / Customize / Typography and set the Font Subsets option accordingly. Please note that not all font families support all font subsets.

You may also notice that not all Google Fonts are available – we handpicked only the most popular ones. If you need to use font which is not available, disable Google Fonts (uncheck Enable Google Fonts option) and use some 3rd party plugin instead.

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