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Installation and Setup

Learn how to install and configure the Lore theme

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Post-Installation Setup

General Settings Your first post-installation steps should head into Settings / General. Time Zone, Date Format and Time Format settings will be used to display date info for all post types. Permalinks Settings Now head to Settings / Permalinks and change Common Settings to Post name. You can also change URL slugs for all LSVR […]

Demo Setup

Let us start by saying that we do not recommend to import the demo data at all. Why? Because you are basically bloating your site with data you will eventually want to to get rid of sooner or later. You may be tempted to have your site to look like the demo quickly and then […]

Plugins Installation

Before we proceed to plugins installation, let’s talk about them a little bit first. This theme comes prepackaged with several plugins. Basically any major functionality (like Knowledge Base or FAQ) has a separate plugin. This has one big advantage – you can choose which one you need. For example, if you don’t need the FAQ […]

Theme Installation

The very first step is to install WordPress itself. Once installed, we can proceed to the theme and plugins installation. If you haven’t already, download the full package from your ThemeForest account / downloads. Parent Theme Installation When you unzip the downloaded file, you will see a bunch of folders. The most important one is […]

Quick Overview

Header settings (for example header background image) can be managed under Appearance / Customize / Header. Upload your Logo under Appearance / Customize / Site Identity. Then head to Appearance / Customize / Header to limit its max width via Logo Max Width option. Site title and description can be edited under Settings / General. You can hide them from header […]


Thank you for purchasing the Lore theme! The goal of this theme is to provide a powerful set of tools for Knowledge Base websites. Being a WordPress theme, it can benefit from the whole ecosystem of this wonderful platform. There are thousands of free plugins which can extend your site’s features and plenty of helpful resources where […]