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Learn how to customize various parts of this theme

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Check out the list of all built-in icons here. If you want to add an icon into your content, use the shortcode (LSVR Elements plugin is required for this shortcode to work). More icons can be added via 3rd party plugins.


If you are going to use this theme in any language other then English, you will need to translate it. The important part is that you need to translate the theme and all LSVR plugins you are using. Most of the translatable text is part of the admin area, so if you plan to translate […]


Theme colors can be managed under Appearance / Customize / Colors. You can either choose from predefined color schemes, pick your custom colors or create your own color scheme. The difference between Custom Colors and Custom Scheme is that the latter is much more involved and requires some coding. On the other hand, it gives […]

Sidebars & Widgets

Sidebars can be managed under Appearance / Widgets. By default there are two sidebars – Default Sidebar and Footer Widgets which, as the name implies, contain widgets displayed in the footer of the site. Footer Widgets Widgets placed into the Footer Widgets sidebar will be automatically displayed in the site footer. You can change the […]


Menus can be managed under Appearance / Menus. This theme contains two static menu locations – Header Menu and Footer Menu. More info about managing your menus can be found in the WordPress Codex. Header Mega Menu To display the submenu of a header menu item as a mega menu, insert “lsvr-megamenu” into the CSS […]

Front Page

Please note that this is a custom post type driven theme. Which means that all core content like knowledge base articles and FAQ posts is managed via special post types (very similar to standard blog posts). Many front page elements rely on those post types, so unless you’ve already created some articles or other posts, […]